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Internal Control Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering Services

The financial institutions are facing an increasingly close scrutiny from the regulators and other standard setters regarding internal control compliance and for discouraging money laundering and terrorist financing. In light of the above, we provide a range of assurance services to these financial institutions which ranges from carrying out “Self-Assessment of Anti-Fraud Internal Controls” to preparation of providing other assurance services as how to comply with the requirements of Anti-Money laundering & Terrorist Financing etc.

To effectively provide these services we have developed in-house checklists & other operational manuals to ensure that the services provided by us to these clients are of the standard that is expected of us from the clients & the profession.

Md. Syful Islam, FCA, FCMA is the primary contact person for these types of engagements as he has extensive knowledge in Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, being the focal person for the AML/CFT Supervisory Sub-Committee of the BFIU (Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit) of the Bangladesh Bank. Moreover, he is the council member and was the President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) for the year 2012 and has enormous experience in taking a steadfast role in developing the overall transparency & accountability within the entities which certainly contributes to his successful supervision on these areas.